Data Analysis vs Data Analytics

Interchanging Analysis and Analytics may seem fine as both words have the same meaning in the dictionary. But when it comes to data, and from a technical perspective, we are talking about two different subjects, regardless of the fact of analyzing data for insights to drive all types of decisions.

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, Analysis is the separation of a whole into its component parts, while Analytics is the method of logical analysis.


For an easier understanding, as many data scientists love to explain it, think in terms of past and future: Analysis is an overview of what happened while Analytics is about predicting what will happen:

Analysis: having the whole data set and analyzing a sample from it to learn more about it, and see how it is related to the other samples; ex: how my marketing campaign performed and what is the number of customers who responded according to their location, age, etc.?

Analytics: looking into the future to help make better-informed business decisions; ex: what customers are in danger of defecting?


More about the difference between Data Analysis and Data Analytics in the picture below from educba:




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