The Dark Side of Data

At the core of every business, Data is the Oil of Digital Economy, becoming more and more important with the technology progressing.

The more valuable data you have, the better you can improve your business … the worse and more costly a Data breach will be …


Data Breaches: What, How, and Why?

Data breach is about information being accessed without authorization, a cybercriminal infiltrating a data source and extracting sensitive information from it, leading to harm and damage businesses, reputation and lives.

Data breaches can occur due to many reasons: weak passwords, targeted malware attacks, drive-by downloads, weak security controls, out-of-date security software, etc.


Breached data may vary by its importance and cost; it may go from students breaching data related to the final exams, to businesses getting customers’ info and project plans of their competitors, to presidents being elected after using secret info from breached data about their opponents and destroying their campaign. Data becomes a target when it is of value to a third party.


In addition to many others, Facebook, Quora, Marriott hotels, Careem, T Mobile, and Google+ were one of the most important data breaches in 2018: users’ (customers’) names, emails, encrypted passwords, account numbers, billing information, addresses, and other private information were stolen.


To get the most of data, the first step to be taken is to make sure it is secured: keeping systems and software up-to-date, encryption, backup, and recovery, accessing secure websites only, antivirus and malware protection, strong privacy policies, limiting privileges to users, etc.


Social Networks selling users’ data to third parties and other privacy issues are also related to this topic. However, they were not highlighted here since they are more on a personal level, but making sure an article about such issues will be posted soon.



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