Honesty Making Google A Big Data Champion

Talking about the information big companies have for deriving insights, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon may have the most information about their users, especially that people should be registered to use their services. But when it comes to real information and to full version of the truth, nothing nowadays can beat Google in this game. It is not about Velocity, Variety or Volume. It is about Honesty.

Google, the first place people access to look for information, is the champion of having insights about what people honestly want, feel, think about, etc. It is where people look for things they are interested in, for things they may not even reveal to their closest ones.


People avoid telling the full truth to make impressions. For a phone survey, few people would say they had bad grades in high school, while they may indeed have. Mostly everyone would say we are all humans and it is not right to hate people having different race or faith, however, the truth lays in Google Search data, when this same person is sitting by himself in his room, searching for specific information that may prove the opposite of what he has said. Google data get people to admit things they wouldn’t have admitted. It is about telling Google personal things when no one is hearing or looking.

While everyone is posting on Facebook about how cozy and nice this Christmas Eve is, Google is the only one who truly knows how many people are feeling sad and not revealing it, by the searches that are being done this same Christmas Eve.

Is it a coincidence to have everyone sharing happy pictures with their families on Instagram while the most searched supplement on Google for “is it normal to kill …” is “your family”? How come everyone is sharing how glad and lucky they are to have such a cute newborn while the best suggestion on Google for “I regret having …” is “a baby”?

On Social Media, you do not always say the truth. You search there your cultivated self not your true self.  Seth Stephens-Davidowitz


Being the first place people access for information as already mentioned, Google is able to know best for whom people are willing to vote or what is everyone afraid of in a specific country, more than any other source of information. Not everyone uses google of course, but the more the observations, the clearer the truth. Analyzing Americans tweets about how bad Trump is would have never told you he is the next president. It is only Google searches who may have revealed it.

Google data may be missed by all other sources. A killer who the judge decided he is not guilty can be criminalized only by his google searches. In addition to him, Google is the only one who knows what he intended to do.

Google may be the only one who knows someone’s secrets, except himself.


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